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That sad moment when you ignore your alarm clock hardcore.

Completely overslept and my paper is due at 4pm. womp

Good news, however, is that after this paper, I am done with summer classes and I get to dedicate the rest of my summer to personal enlightenment (LSAT studying and hopefully some reading), crazy raging, and work at Wilson hall.

Overall, this may have been one of the most eventful summers of my life. Thus, to tip off the end of a great summer, I will finish this paper with great passion and relentless effort.

6 pager due tmrw.

Here we go.

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writing my last paper of the semester.

not an exciting topic - women’s rights and corruption in Yemen.
Regardless, serious celebrating is needed after I am done. 

Guess Whatttt ??

So, if you don’t recall from my previous IR paper the person i was talking to (who i no longer speak to in that way anymore) happen to get a better grade on our assignment. 

wellllll, i just received my second paper back today and i got a higher grade than him! yay, i feel so much better now. Regardless of my better grade, i still think he is highly intelligent and i can’t help to be attracted to him. Then, i think about how much of a doosh bag he is and then i remember why his intelligence did not prevail. i chose the latter. 

for a second i thought i was going to be unable to get an A on anything in that class. Success.

Now my next paper is due next Friday. It’s a much harder topic with a lot more research involved. I


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Sometimes, it’s ok.

So, something happened today that made me think about a lot of things. 

In my international relations class, i got a B+ in one of my papers. I mean I know i didn’t put much work into it. I did rush the ending a little but even with that, i usually achieve an A-. 

Professor Mitchell is a very hard grader. I accept the B+ and understand what i need to do for next time. 

This is not the problem.

My ‘friends with benefit’ man is in this class with me. He is a very bright individual and in actuality, that’s his most appealing quality. Well, he did his paper last minute, right before class without as much preparation as myself, for instance. 

He acquired an A-. I know. WTF. At first i was like, Are you serious? but then i realized, this ‘friends with benefits’ man is really brilliant. I mean, i knew this but i never admired it.

Although still upset he did better, it weirdly turned me on. It also scared me because it questioned my intelligence. Then i realized that shouldn’t matter; who is essentially smarter than the other. 

Either way, i can’t be getting this grade in that class. I need to pick! but, that’s my personal problem.

I learned something different today.

Now how to make my ‘friends with benefit’ man MY ONLY Man??

i’ts a lost transition? 

Yeah, about that.